Poesie di Natale in Inglese

Poesie di Natale in Inglese

Poesie e filastrocche di Natale in Inglese

poesie inglese natale

Poesie e filastrocche di Natale in Inglese

With This Candle

Where there is light,
there is hope.
Where there is friendship –
peace and truth.
Christmas is a time
for celebrating the special people
in our lives.
When I cannot find my way,
I light a flame.
And at Christmas . . .
I think of you.

Christmas Countdown

Each evening when goodnights are said,
Take off one link and hop into bed.
When only the star is left to shine,
When you will know it’s Christmastime!

Christmas is snow
Christmas is light
Christmas is home
and candles bright
Christmas is a present
under the fir tree
Christmas is love
sweet love, sweet love.


Christmas is more than a day in December
It’s all of those things that we love to remember
Its carolers singing familiar refrains
Bright colored stockings and shiny toy trains
Streamers of tinsel and glass satin balls
Laughter that rings through the house and its halls
Christmas is more than a day in December
Its the magic and the love
That we’ll always remember

M.E. Miro

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas!
Isn’t it fun
To say “Merry Christmas”
To everyone?

Time for a party
And presents and things
That make children happy
And give their hearts wings!

Making Memories

Christmas is a time of joy,
A time for love and cheer,
A time for making memories,
To last throughout the year.


Every time a hand reaches out
To help another….that is Christmas
Every time someone puts anger aside
And strives for understanding
That is Christmas
Every time people forget their differences
And realize their love for each other
That is Christmas
May this Christmas bring us
Closer to the spirit of human understanding
Closer to the blessing of peace!

The Joy of Giving

Somehow, not only for Christmas,
But all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others
Is the joy that comes back to you;
And the more you spend in blessing
The poor and lonely and sad,
The more of your heart’s possessing
Returns to make you glad.
John Greenleaf Whittier

Christmas Bells

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I’m a Little Reindeer

I’m a little reindeer,
Ready to fly.
I’ll pull Santa’s sleigh
Up in the sky.
Christmas is here,
We can’t be late.
All the children
Just cannot wait!

The funniest face
looked out at me
From a silver ball
On the Christmas Tree!
At first I thought
It was Santa’s elf,
But I looked again and
It was just myself!


Carols and candles aglow in the night,
Hearth fires blazing all cozy and bright,
Red-leaved poinsettia, white Christmas rose,
Ice skaters whirling on ice as it snows,
Sleigh bells and Santas,
Tinsel-trimmed trees,
Mistletoe magic and warm memories,
Angels all bringing glad tidings anew,
Season’s best wishes especially for you!

Christmas Lights
Bright Christmas stars shine on high,
Golden stars in the wint’ry sky;
Christmas candles in windows bright
Send s greeting into the night;

While in our hearts the Christmas flame,
Glows with a love like his who came,
The infant Christ of lowly birth,
To bring good will and peace to earth.

by Marie Irish

A song was heard at Christmas

A song was heard at Christmas
To wake the midnight sky:
A saviour’s birth, and peace on earth,
And praise to God on high.
The angels sang at Christmas
With all the hosts above,
And still we sing the newborn King
His glory and his love.

Christmas is forever

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel,
in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others
is good you do yourself.

The Christmas Story
Once upon a time,
A long, long time ago.
Begins the story of a baby,
That most of you should know.

His daddy’s name was Joseph,
And Mary was His mom,
This babe was very special
He was God’s only Son.

Some angels came from heaven,
And they began to sing.
To the shepherds in the fields below,
“Glad tidings do we bring!”

A bright star lit the heavens,
To light the magi’s way,
To the baby in the manger
Who was born on Christmas day.

And all who gathered round Him,
Rejoiced and praised His birth.
For the babe, the King, named Jesus,
Is our Saviour here on earth!
by Leanne Guenther

Christmas Bells
The singing waits, a merry throng,
At early morn with simple skill,
Yet imitate the angel’s song,
And chant their Christmas ditty still;
And, mid the storm that dies and swells
By fits, in hummings softly steals
The music of the village bells,
Ringing round their merry peals.

by John Clare

Christmas Candles
When the Christ-child comes again
Softly down the street to-night,
Twinkling through the window pane
Let our candles shed their light.

Though the clouds are dark above
And the golden stars are dim,
We can tell Him of our love
If we set a light for Him.

Oh, the blessed Christ-child dear,
In His robe of shining white,
Let our candles give Him cheer
As He passes by to-night!

 by Evaleen Stein


Santa comes on Christmas Eve
Seeking those who yet believe
Through a frosty winter night
In a sleigh with reindeer flight
Bringing joy to large and small
Merry Christmas one and all.

The First Gift of Christmas
The first Christmas gift ever given
Wasn’t bought in a mart or a shop,
And it wasn’t encased in gay wrappings
With a bright ribbon bow on the top.

The first Gift of Christmas was given
In a manger lowly and bare,
And a blanket was the lone wrapping
Of this gift so priceless and fair.

God gave the First Gift of Christmas,
A most Holy and Wonderful One,
When He looked down in mercy
And gave us the Gift of His Son!
by John Gilbert

There’s More to Christmas

There’s More to Christmas…
There’s more, much more to Christmas
Than candle-light and cheer;
It’s the spirit of sweet friendship
That brightens all the year;
It’s thoughtfulness and kindness,
It’s hope reborn again,
For peace, for understanding
And for goodwill to men!


Two merry blue eyes

A very little nose

A long snowy beard

And cheeks like a rose

A round chubby man

A big bulging pack

Hurrah for Old Santa

We’re glad he’s come back!

A Christmas Tree

One little star on the top of the tree,
Two little presents underneath for me,
Three silver ropes twisted around the tree,
Four colored lights shining prettily,
Five shining balls flowing silvery.
Oh, what a sight for use to see!

I’ve Been Waiting For Christmas

I’ve been waiting for Christmas,
And it’s almost here.
I’ve been waiting for Christmas,
Santa’s getting near.
Can’t you hear the sleigh bells ringing?
Reindeer up so high.
Can’t you hear the children singing,
As they watch the sky?


A little child,
A shining star.
A stable rude,
The door ajar.

Yet in that place,
So crude, folorn,
The Hope of all
The world was born.

 Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I’m fine and how have you been?

I feel it’s about time to write you again.

Our town has become a bright Christmas scene,

With everything sparkling of crisp red and green.

 Christ is Born

Angels clap hands; let men borbear to mourn;

Their saving health is come; for Christ is born.

Hark, what a heavenly choir of angels sing

Sweet carols at the birth of this new king.

One Glorious Star

When Christ was born in Bethlehem

T’was night, but seemed the noon of day.

The stars whose light was pure and bright

Shone with unwavering ray.

But one, one glorious star

Guided the Eastern Magi from afar.

Night has fallen

and the comet shines

that has marked the path.

I stand before you, Holy Child!

You, the King,

You have taught us

that all creatures are equal,

distinguishes only the goodness,

immense treasure,

given to the poor and the rich.

Jesus, let ‘me be good,

that the heart does not have that sweetness.

It ‘that your gift

Every day, I s’accresca

and around the spread,

in Your name.

Christmas is for Children
Christmas is for children –
at least that’s what they say,
It’s time of wide-eyed wonder,
a magic holiday

When candy canes and gingerbread
fill tummies with delight
And little sleepyheads try hard
to stay up through the night.

Yes, Christmas is for children-
anyone will tell you so.
The twinkling, colored lights on trees
make youngsters’ eyes just glow!

Each package and each stocking
is approached with childish joy
And toys bring squeals of laughter
from each eager girl and boy.

Yes, Christmas is for children –
all they say is true.
How wonderful that at Christmas time –
grownups are children, too!

Christmas Time
Jesus was born at Christmas time
He brought a gift of love to all mankind
His love is there for all to share
It lifts the spirits of people everywhere

No greater man could ever we find
Than this man who was born at Christmas time
He brought great tiding of peace and joy
To every man, woman, little girl and boy

His love lingers in our hearts and in our minds
And surrounds us all at Christmas time
With joyous gratitude, let us together say,
“Merry Christmas, Jesus, Happy Birthday.”

by Ellen Bailey

It’s Christmas Time
The scenes of the season
Can be seen and heard all around
From the church bells ringing
To the lights in old downtown

The wind is chilled
With the winters air
You can tell its Christmas
It’s everywhere

The sounds you hear
The sights you see
All say Merry Christmas
To you from me

Enjoy the season
Give thanks in prayer
For God’s Son He has given
For people everywhere

by Robert Blankenship

Spirit of Christmas
On this Christmas morning
Let thoughts of peace prevail,
As holy bells are ringing,
Across the hills and dales.

As we celebrate the birth
Of our Saviour and our King,
Let us live in harmony
Seeing good in everything.

When festivities have ended,
And the memories fade away,
Let peace remain within each heart
As it did on Christmas Day.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

by Marian Jones

Carol of the Wise Men

The star we’ve waited for so long

To tell us of his coming,

Is here! Is here! And we must go.

With trumpets and drums drumming!

The star we follow on this night

Will lead us to the cradle,

Where he was born that holy night

In poor and lowly stable.

The way is long, the way is cold,

We cannot tarry longer,

The birth of him the star has told

The way is still much longer

A King is born this holy morn

And gifts to him we’re bringing.

The child we’ve waited for is born!

Oh hear the angels singing!

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